Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My LA Guide to Birthday Cakes

Tomorrow is my good friend's birthday and today I was on the hunt for the perfect birthday cake for him. 

Here are some of my favorite options (some are located in the LA area only):

Cheesecake Factory's Chocolate Mousse Cake 
At $25.95 for a 7-inch round cake, it's really a mid-range priced cake and a taste that everyone really loves. 

Ralph's Tuxedo Tiramisu Cake
By far the most affordable cake option on my list. This is really a pleasant surprise. It is unlike any grocery store cake I've ever tasted because it tastes AWESOME. And the price point at ~$16 makes it all the sweeter.

Vanilla Bake Shop's 7-Layer Cake (Santa Monica)
A bit price-y, but definitely an indulgent treat. My car smelled like a sweet, mouth-watering bakery after transporting this cake! Seriously.

Sweet Lady Jane's Triple Berry Cake (Hollywood)
Hands down - this is my go to cake for all my friends' birthdays. It is $36 for a small round cake that will easily feed 6-8 people. This cake is so light and fluffy that it's difficult to stop eating! If you ever have the chance or are in Hollywood, you must stop by - you will not be disappointed.

I've shared mine -- what are your favorite birthday cakes? Do you make your own birthday cakes or do you have a go-to place like I do?

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